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Regional and Multi-Regional Dry Van Service

No shipment is too short. We serve all points between Illinois and New Jersey and Between Michigan and Kentucky . Craig specializes in retail deliveries. We handle the 30 to 300-mile move with the same attention and detail whether it be expedited or next day service.

Customer Service:  24-hour access, a full line of EDI services and web based XML access allows our Customer Service Department to work in unison with shipping personnel and your customers to ensure on time service and satisfaction.


Equipment: 300 late model 53-foot trailers, pulled by late model tractors equipped with satellite communication for real-time shipment tracking.


Facilities: Company headquarters located in the Toledo, OH area at the crossroads of I-75 and I-80 / I-90.


Contact our Sales team to see what we will do to win your trust!
800.521.9119 x 3139 or 419.261.1108

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