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Safety is an essential aspect of our company's success. Our Safety Department's primary function is to promote safety awareness throughout the organization with continuous education and mentoring for our office staff, drivers, suppliers and our customers.  Currently we utilize multiple aspects of technology to keep safety in the forefront of our fleet's mind, including online video training as well as an online portal to complete any safety related documents in a timely manner. 


With various "Safety Campaigns" and a monthly safety bonus, our fleet has become more aware of the ongoing issues that the trucking industry consistently faces. 

We have also created numerous programs to showcase and reward safe practices. In 2004 and 2006, Craig was honored by Carolina Casualty Insurance Company with a presentation of the outstanding Safety Performance Award in recognition of superior safety performance and extraordinary contributions toward making our highways safer. In 2009 Craig was named Carrier of the Year by Carolina Casualty. Bob Perew of Carolina Casualty complimented Craig by stating that he uses Craig Transportation Co. as an example of a model carrier.

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